Tuesday, September 23, 2014

13 True Ways printing error, news at 13

My physical copies of the 13 True Ways, Book of loot and Shadows of Eldolan all showed up at the same time today from Pelgrane Press. Joy! It is like Xmas in the 13th Age come early. But then I opened up my 13 True Ways book and found that roughly half the pages were stuck together starting along the top spine down, a couple dozen pages severely....almost all had to rip to come apart. Not good!

I've sent off an email to Pelgrane's customer support and will let you know how the process goes.

That said.....although I empathize with those who consider themselves digital media only these days (hell I consider myself digital only for paperbacks and normal books now) I gotta say, these are some gorgeous looking books, wouldn't trade them up for PDF only, period.

Now, if I can just get a 13 True Ways that isn't terminally sticky.....


  1. The covers of my copies of Loot and Eldolan both had creases on the bottom, so I've got a message off to Pelgrane as well. My 13 True Ways was mint condition, though.

  2. Ah, the perils of preordering. I've never liked preordering for exactly this reason, but I can't resist with Pelgrane's print+PDF bundles.