Thursday, September 11, 2014

Different Worlds

While researching a bit for a post I am scheduling this Friday on five games that desperately need OSR attention, I stumbled across the Different Worlds website. If this site is functional and live, it appears to contain a plethora of old Different Worlds back issues for sale, as well as sundry Judges Guild products, Gamelord books and some more contemporary stuff, too. If you're looking to flesh out your collection of old school books, this may be a decent resource. If anyone's ordered from here let me know....sometimes it's a bit hard to tell if these sites are functional or not....!

For those not in the know, Different Worlds was a great magazine that ran for over forty issues back in the 70's/80's and was published by Chaosium for most of its run. It was a fantastic alternative gaming resource and was pretty much the best source of general RPG content back in the day, next to Dragon, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Space Gamer and a few others. Sleuth Publications eventually bought it up then DW tried to continue a few issues later on its own after SP folded, but alas that was the magazine's death knell.

Anyway.....check it out here. Someone order something and report back! I'd love to get as many issues of DW as possible back into my collection again...

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  1. I think it is still a valid site. Seems like I have read of other folks ordering from it. I'd be interested in some of those old Traveller articles.