Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Bundle of Holding Presents The Hero System

This is far too good a deal to pass up: the new Champions Complete (Hero 6E rules in a single, easy to digest rulebook that won't stop a bullet but will let you learn the game without reading 600+ pages of content), along with the 6E Equipment Guide, and a Toolkit which while for 5E is still full of useful stuff. Then there's the bonus items which you can get for roughly $16 total as of this writing: the Star Hero 6E, Fantasy Hero 6E and Pulp Hero 5E books. The only books missing to have an ideal set for Hero System gaming are Dark Champions and Post-Apocalyptic Hero (well, for me anyway!). This is a great deal....ends in about 5 and a half days as of this writing, though, so get on it!

Check it out here.

I've really wanted a copy of this in PDF. Much as I love print, it's a lot easier to get away with reading a PDF on my Nook while on break.

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