Monday, November 11, 2013

Pacesetter Action Table Cards

I've been thoroughly immersed in the revival of Pacesetter that Goblinoid Games has spearheaded. In addition to Cryptworld and Rotworld GG also has Majus out, which I secured a copy of recently through rpgnow. I plan to do a formal review soon, but Majus is a different take on the weird occult genre, with some nice historical twists. On top of that I finally ordered Timemaster's reprint with Lulu's recent 40% off sale. Eager to check out the classic, which I haven't seen in close to thirty years!

In addition to the actual games there are the Action Table Cards, which are available in four flavors, one for each game. I just got mine in the mail today, and wanted to give you a quick review on what they are and how they work:

Short version, these are glossy full-color card-stock cards, about 8"X10" in size, featuring the game cover of choice on one side and the full color action table on the other side. If you have one card that's technically all you need, but you can get a different card for each game for $1.00 each, so they're very reasonably priced. I picked up one for each Pacesetter title currently out, but I may pick up more to serve as player utilities, too. I plan on running some Pacesetter games, and soon, actually! May even get some scenario material up on the blog soon when time permits.

If you like the Pacesetter games and what they offer, the cards are a cheap addition and make the colorized action tables easy and accessible. Well worth picking up if you plan on running Cryptworld, Majus, Timemaster or Rotworld anytime soon! Not quite as versatile as a CM (Crypt Master) screen, I admit, but the fact that rpgnow offers this sort of product gives me hope they'll expand into screens eventually, too.

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