Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Runequest 6 is now out, in case you hadn't heard! It's up at as a PDF for $24.99 but I advise you instead go to The Design Mechanism and order a bundled physical preorder plus PDF for only $50, a much better deal.

So far after a few hours' reading, and despite my son's best efforts to stress test the Nook to the limits of its structural integrity, I have managed to glean the following information:

1. This is a much more comprehensive and robust rulebook than RQ2's equivalent edition was. It is also complete in one volume, with a healthy bestiary and all the magic rules (including spirit magic) within. It also introduces mysticism, a new form of magic which is derived from the old concept of heroic/legendary abilities. Also, runes reappear in a new form.

2. Glorantha is not in here, not even as a default; it's 100% universal as a fantasy system.

3. The entire system is not merely a reprint or repackaging of RQ2, it's a rewrite and expansion from the ground up. Everything has either been slghtly revised, expanded upon or otherwise given more elaborate treatment. The net effect still means that you can use, say, Legend or BRP stuff with minimal or no conversion problems, but the actual mechanics of RQ6 are just presented with more detail elaboration and consideration than we've seen previously. It smokes Legend, too. If you owned this book and Legend, Legend unfortunately only has one thing going for it (the OGL license).

4. Sorcery got a bit of a revision....minor, but little things (such as a minimum cost per spell) will have a measurable impact on play, especially for anyone who's seen sorcerers abused in RQ2 or prior editions goink back to RQ3 with Avalon Hill.

5. I like the black and white art overall, but a few pieces are from royalty free art packs that I've used and so the familiarity was disappointing (though they are good art pieces). Near as I can tell Pete and Loz managed to avoid the Mongoose "inappropriately naked chick artwork" problem prevalent in Legend and RQ2 as well.

6. A thorough, comprehensive index. Also, a suggested reading and viewing list, which I can't tell you how nice it is to have that single page in the book. Sure, I've read and watched it all, but it's nice when an RPG reminds the reader that it's meant to serve as a vessel for heroic literary and cinematic fantasy.

I'll talk more as I continue reading. Expect lots of future coverage and material in RoC for RQ6!

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  1. Mongoose had that problem with Conan as well. Now, mind you, I'm not a prude and find the occasional nipple a thing of beauty. But the Conan rule book had the topless chick as a border on every page!