Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Other Amazingly Cool Blogs

While I am stalling for time to figure out what I am going to do next on the blog, I thought I'd take a look at some of the other fun sites I've found out there. You may have noticed I run thematic stretches...usually on some section of a game world or setting, in month-long arcs; the are all written and prepped well in advance and then broken up in discreet packets for RoC. Well, while I prep the next one (whatever it is) and work on some more stuff for easy feat with a seven month old who's entire life goal right now is to see how many things he can stand up next to, how many objects he can pull off of tables and how many things he can stuff in his mouth....I figure I can fill in slow days with stuff like this!

First off, if you've been worred about the zombie apocalypse (and all that such fears may say about your sanity), fear not--this guy makes your own obsession look positively healthy by comparison! It's a fun site, full of zombie-rific paraphernalia.

So this trussed up Fallout load screen only makes me think about how unbelievably amazing a Bethesda-built Zombie Apocalypse game would be.
Next, guess what's an absolutely real thing? Wasteland Weekend in California, that's what! September 27th-30th this year. I am debating ways I can make it, no easy feat since my wife and I are supposed to be at a wedding around the same time in Oklahoma.

The Wasteland Weekend has a cosplay costuming event...and everyone seems to show up in something:

Did you know that corsets are reccommended wear in the event of a nuclear apocalypse?

This isn't just a fun thing, it seems to be a very high-investment sort of costume thing. Check it out:

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Next up, the Weird Fiction flowchart (with Jeff Vandermeer, a fine writer and purveyor of weird fiction--also, the only guy to write a decent Predator tie-in novel believe it or not!) found here. So if you're wondering if what you're reading qualifies as weird fiction, this convenient flowchart might help:

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