Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Runequest 6 News

Thanks to Akratic Wizardry for spotting this info first! If there's one thing that gets me more excited than D&D 5th, it's Runequest 6. Lawrence Whittaker has posted news on RQ6 and what it will contain. It looks like we're going to see a July release date, and it will be in retail chains. They're talking preorders, which is good; I'll be putting my order in for this one for sure.

The Design Mechanism Link

Some highlights:

456 page hardcover rulebook, MSRP $62.00. Is this steep? It's hard to tell anymore. If DCC can sell a deluxe edition for $70 then a game like Runequest with some lengthy history can probably sell for this price. It might deter casuals and new players, I suppose. (Correction: it's soft cover as Erik Tenkar points out below. That seems a bit too pricey for a soft cover edition, not sure why it would cost that much, either, unless they're looking at some expensive binding. This is still a book I'll buy, but it sort of feels like RQ6 has definitely moved into the domain of "for fans only," average Joe Gamer is probably going to prefer to snag the $20 Legend book, or its $1 PDF counterpart) 

They'll be taking preorders soon, and will hand out the PDF if you buy directly. Ergo, I suggest buying direct! In any case, I've had a notorious amount of trouble over the years getting my FLGS to stock or even special order Runequest books in the past, so ordering direct works for me.


  1. Even more news here: http://www.thedesignmechanism.com/forum.php#/20120602/eternal-con-runequest-seminar-highlights-1650227/

  2. that's $62 for a SOFTcover book. Definitely steep :(

    1. oh, and the DCC RPG Hardcover standard edition was 39.99. 22 dollars cheaper than this Softcover.

      I'm not sure the history of RQ will bridge the gap with Mongoose Legend available for a buck in PDF.

    2. Cripes, you're right....for some reason I thought it was hard cover. The deluxe DCC is $70 but as you say the basic cover edition is only $40. Hmmm. I'll still get it, but probably just me and the one other guy I game with who loves Runequest and has lots of disposable income....this is priced out of the range of most of my cohorts, unfortunately.