Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The ever changing systems for Altavir - Dregatis Ascalair in Savage Worlds

With my revamp of Altavir in to Savage Worlds Fantasy, I also redid the "star NPC" who is at least the key patron in the new campaign. Meet.....or reintroduce yourself...to Dregatis Ascalair:

Dregatis Ascalair

 Plying his trade as a mercenary of the straights, Dregatis Ascalair is a soldier and explorer when time and madness permits. He has journeyed twice to the ruins of Hapath, where the nether rule and worship a strange being called Kazak the Unbidden as if it were a god. Dregatis is more than willing to serve as a guide to Hapath, though the coin must be right, for on his second journey he acquired the weapon he called Blood Dancer, a blade which sings as it slays. He took it from the hand of a nether war priest, and knows that the next time he goes to Hapath they may well seek to slay him for his actions....but the lure is too tempting to resist, the coin too great. Plus....Dregatis cannot resist an effort to find out what Kazak the Unbidden really is.

Dregatis Ascalair (SW)
Veteran human warrior of Port Vaden; expatriate of Satras (XP Earned 45)
Agility D8, Smarts D8, Strength D8, Vigor D6, Spirit D6
Pace 6” Parry 2_ Toughness 5 (7 with armor)
Edges: Rich (15,000 gold annual salary; mansion), Scholar (+2 on occult, history)
Hindrances: Curious
Skills: Boating D4, Fighting D10, Gambling D4, Investigation D8, Knowledge (History) D8+2, Knowledge (occult) D8+2, Notice D6, Persuasion D4, Riding D4, Shooting D4
Languages: Altaviric common (native D8), Hapathic  Runes D6
Armor: chain hauberk (+2)
Weapons:  scimitar (STR+D8), crossbow (2D6 dmg, 2 AP, 15/30/60 range; 1 action to reload),
Blood Dancer, magic great sword (+2 damage, to hit; when rolling, make a spirit check; on a success recover 1 wound; 2 wounds on a raise; When making this check, a crit fumble applies a permanent -1 penalty to Vigor)
Current Cash: 177 GP
Special Gear: one copy of the Codex of the Hapathic Sequence (SW version coming soon) which he is still studying, plus plenty of bargain basement exploration gear.

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