Thursday, July 6, 2017

Top Secret Returns?!?!

Yep...per this article I have just learned that TSR (the new one, which published a revived "Dragon" magazine in the form of Gygax Magazine for a while) is upping a Kickstarter to a new edition of Top Secret, the Espionage RPG. From the Kickstarter:

TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER is the brand-new espionage role-playing game by Merle M. Rasmussen.
You are an agent of ICON, the International Covert Operatives Network. Working alone or with a team, you are tasked with the missions that other agencies can not, or will not, handle.
TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER is set in today's world of shadowy organizations, shifting alliances, high technology, and unpredictable threats.
Color me intrigued....the contents look pretty compelling:

I think I'm in at the Field Agent level. They say it can be fulfilled by November this year...that seems optimistic to me, but maybe the majority of the work is already done. Anyone else have experience with a TSR Kickstarter to share?

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