Wednesday, July 26, 2017

D&D 5E: Tennus Wolfson, A Paladin Raised by Wolves

Unplayed PC I rolled up for my wife's games. I think I got the background from a random pull on but don't recall which book...

NAME   Tennus Wolfson
Race:     Human male      
Class:    paladin                 
Level :   5              XP:         6,500
Alignment:         neutral good                                      
Background:       raised by animals

STR 10 (0)
DEX 14 (+2)
CON 12 (+1)
INT 10 (0)
WIS 13 (+1)
CHA 16 (+3)
HD 5D10; Speed 40
HP: 32
AC 16    
Languages: common, “wolf”
Skills: Athletics +3, Insight +4, Religion +3, animal handling +4, survival +4
Tool Proficiencies: herbalism kit, woodcarvers tools
Feats: Dual Wielder (+1 AC, stow, don’t need to be light), Mobile (+10 spd, dash bonus, OOP special)
Class Traits: divine sense (4/day), lay on hands (25HP/day), fighting style (defense +1 AC), spellcasting, divine smite (1D8 per level of spell slot), divine health (immune to disease), extra attack
Sacred Oath Traits: Oath of Devotion – sacred weapon (+3 attack, one minute, 20’ light), Turn the Unholy; Oath Spells: protection from evil, sanctuary, lesser restoration, zone of truth
Background Traits: raised by animals; ferret pet (named Moon)
Spell Slots: Level 1: 2
Spell Save DC: 14             Spell Attack Modifier: +6

Spells Memorized:  heroism, zone of truth

Armor:  hide armor         
Melee Weapons: 2 scimitars (1D6+2 each); attack +5, finesse, light; 2 attacks + bonus off-hand)               
Ranged Weapon: javelins (1D6+2 each; attack +5, range 30/120; thrown)

Wealth: 240 GP
Equipment: scimitar, shield, five javelins, explorer’s pack, hide armor, holy symbol, warhorse   

Personality Trait: I speak very little, in cryptic nature metaphors when I do
Ideal:    Natural Order – every animal must live life by nature’s code       
Bond:    when I see an animal in need I must help!           
Flaw:     the best comfort of civilization is liquor                 

Son of a powerful priest of a paladin cult, I was stolen away and left to die in the woods for (reasons involving an evil gorillon lord) and raised instead by the animals of the region, as if I were a cub of their own (Jungle Book style). I eventually was found by woodsmen and returned to civilization, where I was adopted by the order of my father, who had since perished in a battle against the very cult that stole me away. I adopted their ways but still driven by a sense of perspective from 15 years in the wild. I love the modern civilized concoction called "booze." 

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