Sunday, June 26, 2016

Three Session Runequest 6 Campaign Concludes

It wrapped up tonight (last night?), a three session marauding tirade of wary humans, hungry panthotaurs, an iqari or two and one wily sprite. It was set in a northern region of Chirak I've never placed games in before, and while I am eager to continue exploring that region I am also pleased that my RQ6 commitment is at an end; I have at last accepted I am a BRP/Magic World kind of guy.

We did mostly agree that if we played RQ6 long enough, people would eventually get good at it, and the game might go more smoothly, mainly in combat. But we also agreed that you don't have to practice at it to get to that point with BRP or Magic World; we already know those systems well, and the little bits that are different won't trip us up there. So, the plan right now is to suggest that if everyone wants to keep the campaign going we will migrate over to MW, using a mix of Advanced Sorcery, The Magic Book and the Big Damn Book of Monsters to make it happen (with some other stuff, such as Blood Tide, ready for the borrowing).


  1. Would love to hear more about how the two systems compare, what specifically feels like more work in RQ6(Mythras), why Magic World seems to flow better.

  2. I'll put my third in for the same, as I own both systems and yet keep defaulting to Magic World despite giving the old MRQII a spin for a short while.

  3. Heard! I'll work some a blog post this week discussing the differences....and it's less a pro/con list than a flavor list. There are a couple exceptions where I think older versions of the game actually do better objectively (as an example, I like the RQ3/Book of Magic version of Demoralize, to use an example that came up last night; my RQ6 book had some vague guidelines on this, while the BRP Magic Book, which is just the RQ3 system revived for BRP, gave some excellent instructions on adjudicating the spell).