Sunday, June 19, 2016

Best of E3: Rise of Iron and Days Gone (oh, and RE 7 too)

For those who follow the computer and console gaming realms, E3 is a major trade convention where each year we get an info dump on upcoming releases, most of which is presumably spruced up to look better than it really is. After too many years observing E3, most gamers get caught in a jaded "wait and see" sort of moment, but occasionally a release will chip away at our hardened, marketing-resistant exteriors and make us actually interested in a game....well for this year it's only two, really: Destiny's new expansion titled Rise of Iron, which is more of the same, yes, but as a huge Destiny fan I'm happy:

The other one is Days Gone....which is best explained by providing this trailer:

Look at all those zombies! Amazing.

If the real game is half as good as this, I'll be very happy indeed. Not sure on it's ETA, unfortunately.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention this one:

It's Resident Evil, but it looks like #7 is going to take some pointers from the recent shift in how horror games are presented. Call me "cautious but intrigued" on this one. I think Resident Evil should work harder to define its strengths that were set by the original trilogy, and less time trying to ape P.T. and Outlast, but at the same time, this trailer looks really interesting, and I am incredibly forgiving Capcom/RE fanboy so whadda I know.

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