Friday, October 17, 2014

Warner Brothers announces schedule for ten DC Comics movies over six years

Yikes! What a line up. Read about it here, but this is the list of DC Comics movies they have planned:

Suicide Squad in 2016 - holy cow, this one has me excited. I have been reading Suicide Squad in all of its incarnations since a very large Amanda Waller was first introduced in the late 80's.

Wonder Woman in 2017 - starring Gal Gadot, of whom I know nothing.

Justice League part I in 2017 and part II in 2019. Honestly this is the most interesting of the movie plans, because I've always been of the opinion that the core DC characters are most interesting when they are brought together. Of all the core (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Batman) I find only Batman to really be worth reading in his own titles, probably because the menagerie of iconic DC Heroes are all rather exotic and high-powered individuals, while Batman is just a very driven guy with All the Money. Wait...I forgot Green Arrow, who I also follow for much the same reason (his comic got better once it changed hands late last year, BTW).

The Flash in 2018 - I hope this ties into the TV series, which I haven't seen yet, but I'd expect that if they want to outdo Marvel then they need to make sure the continuity is cross-platform, so to speak.

Aquaman in 2018 - so the Flash will already be introduced via TV series in time for the 2017 Justice League film, but will Aquaman make an appearance there? Marvel's method of having key side characters who don't get movies but show up in other films (Hawkeye, Falcon, Nick Fury and Black Widow so far) has worked well for them, and honestly while I can see how Aquaman has movie potential, his legacy as a difficult character to actually portray properly in both film and cartoons makes me wonder if this movie will have any hope at all. I predict it will suffer the same problem Fantastic Four continually experience with every effort at big-screen adaptation. Some comic characters just aren't meant to smash through the fourth wall into film.

Shazam in 2019 - formerly known as Captain Marvel for those who care. I can see this one being a fun movie, Shazam has enough unique elements that if done right (and see the recent side-series from Justice League now collected in in its own TPB for an example of how to update the character to modern times properly) could make for a great movie.

Cyborg in 2020 - Cyborg is currently mostly a Justice League character, which is cool, despite the fact that I grew up thinking of him as a Teen Titan. If they can keep his current New 52 origin as a byproduct of an invasion from Apokalypse I will be pleased.

Green Lantern in 2020 - so the question here is, are they setting this far enough out to reboot the Green Lantern in hopes people have forgotten the old movie by then, or will they try for a "ignore the old movie but don't specifically violate it's existence" approach like Marvel did with the first and second Hulk films? I'm hoping for the latter, because we don't need them to spend more than five minutes retelling the Green Lantern origin tale, but we do need them working in some of the amazing stuff done with the character and GL-verse side of the New 52 into this future movie.

Notably absent from this list: a new Batman or Superman film. Not sure what that means....I personally think that we could use a full Batman reboot; I want a Batman for this cinematic DC Universe that bears a closer resemblance to the one in the current comics. Superman I'll reserve judgement on until I see what they do in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, because I still need to watch Man of Steel. I admit, I am kind of a fan of the character, or at least what I've seen of his New 52 reworking so far, but I've never been into Superman enough to have much of an opinion one way or another.

No word on whether del Toro's Justice League Dark is still in consideration, unfortunately.

Okay, now for the long and arduous wait for all these movies to appear!

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