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13th Age: Realms of Kadamar, a quick key

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The Realms of Kadamar

Vator Kairn walks his caravan among the Sky Pyramids of Ancient Serano’Dehan, the fabled city of the Ancients.

Key Campaign Details: The Realms of Kadamar

The Empire: Radamanthos, ruled by the Emperor Sonn’Khul - shimmering empire of the eternal sun

The North: Ghoval - bitter northern wilderness and the hearty barbarians northmen

The coastal wilderlands: The Sudarak Coast, where the Wild Kingdoms are found, including Sukar, Yadak, Ederemid and Vaal’Drunaes - jungle kingdoms in the heart of the Green World, as it is known by the druids

The Badlands of Ghaetal: the Empire of the Orcs bristles beneath the surface 

The Mountain Kingdoms of Khamak, where the Iron King Progos rules, determined to set order upon the world with hammer and steel

The Isle of Shuningol, where the Diabolical Suzhariel reigns, keeper of the Abyssal Gate

The Swamps of Dremidal, where the Black Dragon Mazga rules

The Empty Lands, where the wonders of Ancient Hiramash lie in wait

The Ruins of Fabled Gol, City of A Billion Lost Souls, and Doomport, the city of Tomb Robbers

Zhetil Lenan: one of four drow underworld empires (the other three are Uton Hasal, Draekon Des and Vulmak Hetiir)

The Army of the Burning Sun: the wandering mercenary army of the Warlord Damedan; a sight to behold, currently in the employ of the Empire, but just as quick to turn on it should the emperor fail to pay their wages.

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