Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gaming again!

It's been weeks....about three or four for Saturday and at least two missed sessions for Wednesday, but at last I was able to make game again. Significant, of course, because if I don't make game then no one games, being the only GM and all (Wednesday has a sub GM but he was busy at the local Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, which coincided with my work "increase" of the last few weeks).

Anyway, good to game again. D&D 5E...the group hit level 4 tonight. Much zaniness.....the plot I am utilizing is bouncing around the stuff going on within the corner of the Realms of Chirak known as Mercurios. From the mysteries of the abandoned Tower of Malenkin to the weird cult of Dendar consisting of yuan-ti purebloods which has sprung up near Sulfur Lake, the PCs are in the thick of it all. Maybe I'll post some of the scenario details later this week, at least the post-spoiler stuff for my group.....


  1. And what about Tunnels & Trolls?

    1. Haven't played it for a while....but last night a new development post for the Kickstarter showed off the magic section, which is great, looks like its coming along nicely and will be a graphically impressive, courtesy of Steve Crompton's awesome layout and design!