Friday, October 24, 2014

Halo: Nightfall Trailer

Yes, I admit I'm posting videos at the end of the week instead of making an stayed busier than I expected and my son has been monopolizing my evenings, so not much time to do as many blogs as I'd planned. I have lots of content....lots and lots from my 5E campaigns....but no time to polish it for posting.

Still, the newly released Halo: Nightfall video deserves attention. Nighfall is out, and it looks good. Very interested to see what the covenant CGI looks like (if they figure out how to do it as something other than CGI I'll be amazed). There's a lot in the Halo universe to explore, and Nightfall may do well as a result.* The fact that my Xbox One preorder for the Sunset Overdrive edition white console arrives next week, in time for my preorder of the Master Chief Collection Nov. 11th....oh yes, I probably should add in my blog byline "incurable Halo fanboy," did I mention?

Anyway, here's that great video:

*contrary to some opinions, Halo does have a lot of story going on, when you take all its avenues (fiction, comics, games) as a whole.

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