Thursday, October 30, 2014

13th Age: Other Powers of Kadamar

The legendary Moon Pools are said to have been created during the Exodus when the enlightened of Hiramash shed their mortal coils and became Astral Travelers. The pools induce visions and dreams of prophetic nature on certain nights.
Other Powers of the Land

The Elder Lords are not the only icons of the world  who pull the strings of power. The Orc Queen  Saerithica seeks the power of the demon gods to make her people rulers of the world. The Dragons scheme amongst themselves in the Conclave ruled by The Three,  Emperor Sonn’Khuul terrifies the land with his might as the ruler of men, while in the Deep Woods the High Druid Zadamas dwells, destroying any who would encroach on his land. Last but not least, The Priestess Adartha, chosen of the gods, dwells in the high temple at the Capitol of the empire, Bastion.

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