Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six years late to the Playstation 3 party (but I still made it!)

At last I can play the trilogy about Laura's adventures after her FTM conversion
Thanks to some fortuitous savings recently (even with a move and a lot of new purchases for Mom and the Kid) there was a bit of change left over from the discretionary splurge fund. Since I obviously don't have enough books, games and crap, I decided to add a Playstation 3 to the pile of stuff under which my corpse will one day be found after a major shelf collapse.

Getting the Playstation 3 at the end of its life cycle (what with plans to announce the PS4 apparently imminent on Feb. 20) has some advantages. First off is there are lot of budget priced games and game bundles floating around. Second is you can pick from quite a few decent titles and avoid the duds, as they've long since been weeded out. 

About the biggest non-surprise for me is that the PS3 doesn't actually look that impressive, although when I try to compare a title to the release date I can see how, over the course of its career, that each game taken into consideration would have looked better at the time it was new. Now, of course, just as with the Xbox 360, both consoles are starting to look long in the tooth when contrasted with the norm for dedicated PC releases.

The biggest actual surprise is how much loading time this machine demands. I had read some anecdotal tales of 30+ minute long load times to get from "insert disc" to "play game," but I did not realize it was this bad. I have probably spent 3 hours in actual play time on the system this weekend and 10 hours in load time.

All that aside, its going to be fun catching up on the Playstation side of the gaming fence. I haven't had a PS2 in ages, so I have a lot to catch up with. The Killzone Collection, Resistance Trilogy, God of War Collection, Heavy Rain, Uncharted series, Twisted Metal, Yakuza Dead Souls, Starhawk, Demon Souls and more. 

All I need now is to clone myself so I have some free time to play....

At last I get to play the game with the Space Nazis!

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