Sunday, September 23, 2012

Burn Out!

I'm experiencing a bit of burn out. Again, I suppose. It boils down to this:

1. Been gaming for thirty two years now. Have played all editions of D&D and many, many other RPGs over the years. My sense of enjoyment with them is both sated and rests upon well-trod territory.

2. The hobby is in kind of a weird place these days, and I am realizing I don't much like what the RPG community has morphed into, with its weird little factions and splinter groups. Maybe its always been like this (read any old issue of Dragon magazine for evidence to support the notion) but perhaps my tolerance for it is diminishing, dramatically.

3. I have other things I want to focus on. I do want to keep writing about gaming...but it feels sort of hollow right now.

Long story short, I'll be focusing more on all sorts of stuff in the blog, and try to push myself away a bit from writing about games. I have already done this a bit, but expect a bit more of it going forward. I feel like I need to branch out a bit, diversify my interests. I don't think I could tolerate cutting out my weekly tabletop games...but I may move them to just once a week, at first. Make weekends more for the family, and other hobbies and interests. Give my gaming batteries* a recharge. We shall see...

*not necessarily my computer gamer batteries, those are different things....

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