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Random Stuff - Well Dressed Warrior Woman - Vryloka Blackuard Katartha

Random image from Google, and I have no idea of the source. If it's from something like A Game of Thrones I apologize, having not yet been able to catch a single episode of that series (but I have read the books, yes indeed....)

Anyway, this is how a warrior woman wears decent armor into battle!

UPDATE: Thanks to Gareth Larter for identifying her as "Leelee Sobieski who plays Muriella in "In the Name of the King""

I'll have to add that film to my watch list!

Lady Knight

Just for fun, here's some theoretical stats for this woman as a vryloka blackguard in 4E:

Katartha of Kharabys
Race:   Vryloka            Class: Blackguard    Level: 3     Homeland: Kharabys  Alignment: evil
STR  19      DEX 10         CON 11       INT 12         WIS 8        CHA  17      HPs 38        FORT 16      REF 12         WILL 12      AC 20          INIT +1       APs 1
Speed: 7 squares    Vision: Low-light   Healing Surges: 10  Amt/Surge: 9  Bloodied: 19         
Armor Worn: plate+1 (+9 AB)             Resistance: Necrotic 6
Basic Melee Attack: Greatsword +1 (+9 vs. AC; 1D10+5 dmg; Crit 15+1D6)
Ranged Basic Attack: Long Bow (+3 vs AC; 1D8 damage; Crit 8 Range 10/20)+24 arrows

Dominator’s Strike (Melee T 1; +9 vs. AC; 1D10+5 dmg; gain Cha (3) temp HP)
Vengeance Strike (Melee; T 1; +9 vs. AC; 1D10+5 dmg plus power bonus to damage equal to twice the number of enemies adjacent to you (max 8))

Lifeblood (Free; Personal; Trigger: you kill or bloody a foe; Effect: gain one: 1. Shift up to speed; 2. Gain temp Hp = 5+1/2 level; 3. Gain +2 power bonus to attacks uteoynt*)
2/ENC: Dread Smite (Free; Personal; Trigger: you target an enemy with an at-will weapon attack power; Effect: target takes 2+Cha (5) cold and necrotic damage; if attack hits, deal 5 cold and necrotic ongoing (save ends)
Shroud of Shadow (Minor; Personal; Effect: gain concealment uteoynt and 5 temp HPs)
Vice’s Renewal (Minor; Personal; Gain 5 temp HPs and make a save; gain +2 defenses uteoynt)

Feats: Born of Shadow (+1 to saves when in dim light or darkness), Shadow Control (+1 to all defenses when in dim light or darkness)
Class and Race Abilities: Blood Dependency (-2 surges when bloodied), Human Heritage (+5 to bluff when passing as human), Living Dead, Necrotic Resistance (5+1/2 level), Vampiric Heritage, Lifeblood, Dark Menace (+Cha mod damage to enemies you have C.A. against), Spirit of Vice (domination; 1/rnd deal Cha damage to self and add Cha to damage against target), Vengeance Strike
Languages: Planar common,Deep Tongue
Skills:  Athletics +10, Bluff +9, Intimidate +9, Perception +1, Stealth +3, Thievery +6
Equipment: adventurer’s kit, saddle, saddle bags, war horse
Wealth: 92 gold pieces, 180 SP, 1 gem worth 100 gp

 *My home NPC stat abbreviation system: uteoynt = until the end of your next turn.

Katartha is a devilish rogue, though her ancestry owes more to the ancient curse of the red witch. She revels in the profiteering she can engage in by working for the various factions of the devil city of Dramen and the sprawling, ruinous port of Kharabys in the Astral Sea Island of Isnathar, seeking to turn a profit and sew discord wherever she can. She has served the god Typhon for several years now, since she was bitten by a venomous serpent in the marketplace of Kharabys and mysteriously survived, though her feverish dreams left her with the sense she had been given a vision by the ancient primordial titan that she would one day aid in the freedom of the ancient titans, that they may rise up again in a vengeful new titanomachy.

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  1. That'll be Leelee Sobieski who plays Muriella in "In the Name of the King"