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Personalities of Port Draemen

And now for part 2 of the NPCs of Kharabys. This section provides short bios and a couple stat blocks on the noted personalities of the chain-devil run independent Port Draemen:

Personalities of Port Draemen

Meenlock Radamarch                                    AL NE    Goblin Rogue 6 Assassin 4
   Goblin assassin for hire; a mean little old coot, notorious locally for his cunning efficiency and network of young tiefling and kytonian urchins that work for him, a gang known as the Shadow Coins.

Kaelie “Sultry” Neramas                              AL LE      Kyton Expert 7
   A female Kyton who runs “Astarte’s House of Please,” a den of iniquity that caters to the sadomasochistic set and promises any number of possible fantasies made horribly real. Sultry is nonetheless an excellent ear to the streets and hears about many strange goings-on no one else does, especially in the Abyssal quarter, known for its lawlessness.

Skalam Veruun                                                 AL LN     Ifrit Expert 10
   The most notoriously efficient planar merchant in Draemen is Skalam, a fireblooded ifrit who trades directly with the elemental lower planes and has known connections in the fabled City of Brass. Skalam is always looking for reliable agents and mercenaries to protect his cargo and ships, and will proactively seek out and destroy planar raiders and pirates that threaten his business.

Jazastar the Mirthless                                   AL NE    Mummy Bard 5
   Jazastar is the most notorious entertainer in Draemen, and is considered the personal entertainer of the Chain Lord. His dirges are impressive, but his efforts at humor can be disturbing, as he engages in uncharacteristically dark gallows humor. He is accompanied by a troop of abyssal ghouls, called Merol, Dring and Splast, who work with him for some impressively deranged skits. The Chain Lord loves him. Precisely where he came from originally, or how he came to be free of any confinement is unknown.

Salaam Ragast                                                   AL TN    Mercane
   Salaam is a famous local mercane who does a great deal of business in the magical device trade in Port Draemen. He funds the Office of Investigative Research on Baranask (ORB), focused on hiring brave teams to enter the haunted ruins of the Abyssal City and find new and fabulous ancient artifacts for his collections. Rumors abound that he is backed by powerful abyssal agents who are barred from the city by an ancient Devanic Curse.

Krugal Silth                                                         AL CN    Human cleric of Hades
   Krugal is a relentless stalker of petitioners and other beings that rightly should have been claimed by the dark domain of Hades, but who have somehow escaped its grasp. He works exclusively out of Port Draemen for unknown reasons, and is famous for his periodic sermons in the region. On occasion he will receive a missive from his god, sending him out to unknown planes in search of the offending escapee from the Stygian Darkness. Krugal has been known to recruit mercenaries to aid him on his astral barge, the Death Bringer, piloted by a skeletal bone devil called Kharos, who says he’s Charon’s cousin.

Chain Lord Andressa Nytu                           AL LE female Kyton fighter 12
   The ruthless and powerful chain lord is the dark mistress and protector of Port Draemen, latest in a long line of appointees given the position by popular vote. The story goes that Andressa Nytu received her commission a century ago, during an attempted invasion by the Chaos Hordes of the demon god Lloragesh. The story ends with saying that you can see the skinned and tanned hide of Lloragesh on the floor of the Council Chamber in the Chain Lord’s Palace, and that Andressa carries a phylactery with the demon god’s soul around her neck. No one disputes this story, least of all the kytons of the region, who are very long lived.

General Zanj                                                      AL LN male cambion fighter 8
   Zanj is known only by his one name, and is known also for being a mixed humand and kytonian halfbreed, but he is favored by the Chain Lord and acts as her consort. Zan is also responsible for running the all-volunteer and mercenary-focused standing army, which serves to protect the city from attacks both regional and extraplanar. He is said to have been made famous for his efforts at stopping the last Uprising of Souls on the plane of Abaddon. He is also known to be a member of the church of Osiris, and is a long time friend of Jazastar the Mirthless.

Tereneka Vile                                                   AL CE female Succubus Wizard 10
   Tereneka Vile is one of the few demons to be allowed within the walls of Port Draemen, and also one of the few who seem to be unpeturbed by the ancient devanic curse placed on the city thousands of years ago by Metatron. Tereneka runs a spy network and provides espionage services to the highest bidder, and has a strong force of tieflings and other planetouched in her service called the Burning Guard. Tereneka seems to have earned the trust of the Chain Lord, for she directly contracts out to the palace, and seems to rely on many contacts in the lower planes to aid the protection of the city. Exactly how she came to be exiled from the Abyssal realms, to find herself working for chain devils, remains unknown.
Skaz The Mad                                                    AL CN male kobold sorcerer 20
   Skaz wanders the streets of Port Draemen acting most of the time like a cooky old kobold who knows a few cantrips that he performs for money. Many foreigners have mistaken him for a common kobold however, and died horribly for it. Skaz is in reality the most powerful sorcerer in the city, and the Chain Lord relies on him as a sorcerous adviser at times, calling upon Skaz when it fancies her. Skaz, it is said, went mad when he was young, after he was gifted with the Vision of Cosmic Insight after he travelled to the Realms Beyond and allegedly had direct contact with the progenitor god Ea.

Fendren Lore                                                     AL LG male aasimar wizard 3 ranger 5 arcane archer 6
   Fendren is a rare example of an agent of good that has somehow found a home within Port Draemen’s walls. He travels between Draemen and Kharabys on regular business, and often engages in interplanar journeys of various unknown natures. Fendren is said to have once been a ranger and scholar in the service of Athena, but something happened and he fell out of grace with the goddess. Fendren now provides his services as a seeker, aiding those in need of a way of finding something or someone that has hidden themselves away in the infinite planes. Rumor is he is extremely good at his job.

Gelek Samursan                                               AL CG male aranea Rogue 4
   Gelek gets around, and he is another local odd fellow who is known throughout the streets of Draemen and generally regarded as a curiosity. He appears as a Halfling with tiefling traits, though his spider form is largely unknown. Gelek is not that powerful, but he represents a subterranean society of his kind that dwell beneath the city, and he is especially good at keeping up on the gossip and goings-on in Draemen.

Skaeldron. alias Mournweaver                 AL CE Adult Umbral Dragon
   Skaeldron is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing, masquerading in a polymorphed form as an older hunch-backed tiefling man who goes by his proper name, acting as a local seer and engaging in palmistry in various local taverns. He is seen as yet another of the many eccentrics in the city. Deep beneath the city, in the catacombs that stretch well in to Baranask, Skaeldron’s secret lair and slowly growing army of monsters awaits. There, as Mournweaver, he intends to drive the kytons and their allies out, and to claim the city and the ruins of Baranask for his own. What stops him right now primarily is his knowledge that the ruins are guarded by an ancient devanic curse, and he has not yet unraveled how to break it.

Thresha the Handmaiden                            AL LE Gylou (Devil’s Handmaiden)
   Thresha is a terrifying creature who is feared by all children in the city. She is real enough, dwelling in the Northern Tower, tallest pinnacle in the city which overlooks the ruins of Baranask, and the base of which serves as the only secure gateway therein. She has an unknown relation with the Chain Lord, but sought refuge in the city some fifty years ago to escape some crime in the Nine Hells. Thresha’s indiscretions are tolerated, and it is generally accepted among all kyton children that she is the city’s punishment for weak children who cry.

Yan Kor Nag                                                       AL NE Human male wizard 5 Cleric of Eragoth 10
   Yan Kor Nag is a mysterious fellow, and dwells in the Eastern Tower of the city, highest pinnacle to the eastern edge of the Great Ruins. He is said to have been here since before the Kyton migration, and to have tolerated them in exchange for services they offered as guards and agents. Yan Kor Nag is the only cleric of the enigmatic Eragoth, whom some say is one of the destructive Star Gods.

Bilious Vern                                                       AL LE Immolation Devil
   Bilious Vern is known for his propensity for drink and vomiting. He is one of the legendary immolation devils, even more terrifying than a pit fiend some day, and yet he is a nothing, a no-one who has lived for as long as any can remember as a drunken lout who barely seems to remember his own name. Some claim he was stripped of most of his mental faculties by an aggressive enemy, left a bumbling idiot for the most part, but no one really knows his curious story.

Mister Quareg                                                  AL CN Shoggoth
   Quareg is a strange sort of “man” who works with a small group of skum along the waterfront. He manages a curio shop, and is known for his proud display of ancient and often very disturbing religious iconography. He is abreast of all the latest manifestations of the Star Gods throughout the prime material planes, and regards himself as somewhat of an authority on planar eschatology.

Skarzbana, keeper of the Strangling Vine Inn
   Skarzbana is the well-known innkeep of the prestigious and formerly haunted Strangling Vine Inn, built around an ancient Strangling Vine tree, which itself is said to have been in Draemen for a thousand years. Skarzbana is a sucker for hard-luck cases and always helping down and out adventurers who arrive in Draemen get on their feet.
AL: LN    Race: tiefling                                        Class: expert 3                      Deity: Isis
App: female tiefling, blonde hair in a bun, thick horns and a long tail, a very large, robust woman
Init:        +0           AC 12 (Tch 10 FF 12)           FT +1 RF +1 WL +3               HP 15                    
DR none; Immune none; SR none   Senses: Darkvision 60 feet                 Armor: Leather Apron (+2)
Speed 30 ft.          Melee Broom (as a staff) +1 (1D6-1)                Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Silvered Dagger +1 magical +2 (1D4 damage)
STR 8 (-1); DEX 10(+0); CON 9(-1); INT 11(0); WS 13(+1); CH 12(+1)       Base Atk +2; CMB +1; CMD 11
Feats toughness, skill focus (cooking)
Skills Appraisal +6, Craft (cooking) +10, Diplomacy +7, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +7, Sense Motive +7
Languages Planar Common, Abyssal                 SQ Darkness (tiefling ability)                                                            
Wealth 2,504 gold pieces in hidden coffer in her room; carries 50 gold, 100 silver and 100 copper

Doctor Vigoron                                                 AL NE Flesh Golem alchemist 10
   Vigoron is a local chirurgeon who specializes in alternative means of healing and fixing wounds, as well as mechanisms for removing curses and diseases that do not use divine magic. He is a sentient golem, a rare breed, with a cunning intelligence and (some say) a hidden laboratory in the catacombs and sewers of the city where he performs diabolical experiments in his effort to create a master race of golems.

Maleus Torimaer
   Maleus is a notorious local knave who regularly is looking for the Big Ticket out of Draemen. His father was ostensibly an elf, but his mother was a cambion with kyton blood. Presently Maleus is in trouble with a local gang of rogues called the Hooded Legion, whom he owes money. He recently stumbled across a map that leads to a legendary abyssal tomb within the ruins of Baranask, and is trying to find some naive planar visitors that he can use as cannon fodder to rob the tomb to pay off his debts.
AL: NE    Race: tiefling                                        Class:      rogue 8  Deity: Loki
App: Male tiefling, dusky red skin, a persistent smirk, shaggy dark hair, short horns and tail
Init:        +4           AC 19 (Tch 14 FF 15)           FT +2 RF +10 WL +1            HP 48                    
Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5      Senses: Darkvision 60 feet                 Armor: Studded Leather +2 (+5 AB)
Speed 30 ft.          Melee +2 rapier anarchic +13/+8 (1D6+3; 18-20/X2) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks sneak attack (add 4D6 plus 4 bleed); anarchic rapier does +2D6 to lawful beings
STR 12(+1); DEX 19(+4); CON 10(+0); INT 15(+2); WS 8(-1); CH 12(+1)   Base Atk +6/+1; CMB +10; CMD 21
Rogue Abilities Sneak Attack +4D6, Trapfinding +4, Evasion, Trap Sense +2, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Rogue Talents: bleeding attack 4, fast stealth, finesse rogue, surprise attack
Feats Agile Maneuvers, Combat Expertise (-2 att/+2 AC), Weapon Focus (rapier), Lunge (-2 att/reach)
Skills Acrobatics +15, Appraise +13, Bluff +14, Climb +12, Disable Device+15, Knowledge (local) +12, Linguistics +13, Perception +10, Sleight of Hand +15, Stealth +17
Languages Planar Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Sylvan, Terran, Ignan, Elvish, Orcish                XP: 51,000
Tiefling Racial Ability: darkness once/day at level 8 casting level
Wealth: 157 PP, 353 GP, two +1 daggers, 4 normal daggers, 2 silver daggers

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