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Tales of the League Universe XVI: Miscellany (Cypher System)

 Here's the remaining less-developed notes on various characters, the old league before it fell apart, and some villains. Mostly used by me to track and draw from for spontaneous encounters and events, and to set up the players to be the new League members:

The League Universe – Miscellaneous Characters and notes

Other Active Current Heroes and Villains:

Bowman 13 – Level 7 archer

   Little is know of Bowman 13, who wears a gray and brown suit, fully covered mask, and the number “13” stenciled on his shoulder pad. He seems to have a major beef with the Mystech Corporation, which insiders know is devoted to harvesting technology and magic into a hideous form of technomancy for profit.

Tranzor – level 8 artificial construct

   Tranzor was a fully sentient robot built decades ago who continues to serve his aging creator, Doctor John Travis as best he can. His beryllium and steel mesh armor makes him especially difficult to damage, and his array of particle beam and non-lethal weapons make him excellent at dispatching enemies. He can shape shift in to a speedy vehicular form.

Marylin Monroe – Level 6 alien

   Marylin Monroe is a shapeshifting alien not related to the Wraiths who seeks to acclimate to human society, but can only emulate from images such s photographs and pictures, not actual people. Marilyn took on the guise of a favored human, who’s shows had only recently arrived at her homeworld, and now tries to make her way in life trying not to draw much attention (despite her appearance) while getting sucked in to weird shenanigans. In her alien form she is a fast runner with claws and can see in multiple spectra of light.

Obsidian – Level 7 metahuman master of shadow energy

   Little is known of Obsidian, who may be from a dimension where light does not exist, but she can bend light and manipulate shadows at will.

Tempest – Level 7 metahuman (arcane), master of hallucinations and body horror

   Tempest can twist and turn any biological form into an abomination, and with a snap of his fingers can undo all….if he so desires.

The White Rabbit – Level 6 methahuman (arcane), induces hallucinations, speedy, Tempest’s sidekick

   A twisted being from another realm who tasks heroes with other dimensional adventures!

The Final League Lineup:

Allegedly died in 2009 atomic explosion in Afghanistan. This was the passing of the old league. As a result, those who survived moved on, and the path was opened for a new, young group of adventurers to be called to arms when the time was right by Dr. Futurity.

American Agent (Level 8)

Health 80, Damage 8 or 14 melee/thrown, Armor 2 natural, Move long

Shifts: 3 Strength, 2 Resilience, 2 Dexterity

Modifications: Might defense level 10, Speed Defense level 10

Said to be the cloned replica of Captain Liberty, American Agent was the loyal servant of the US government from top secret Project Omega until they went public with him as the face of the new League (sometimes called the US Leage) in 2004. He was leader of the team, which carried out missions of national urgency, until they fought the Taliban metahumans to a standstill and failed to stop an atomic warhead from going off in Afghanistan in 2009. He was inside a bunker during the event and some of his remains were found and taken by Project Titan to forge the new Atlas. Rumors that a new clone has been created of American Agent are currently floating around, but if this is true its being kept under Project Omega wraps.


Alan Lord and Steel (Alan Level 5, Steel Level 7)

Alan Lord (Human/Akari hybrid, Health 20, Damage 5, Range short, no armor; 3 shifts Intelligence)

Steel: Health 80, Damage 16 melee/thrown, Armor 6 (3 armor plus 3 natural), Move long, flying

Shifts: 3 Strength, 3 Resilience, 1 Dexterity

Modifications: Might defense level 10, Speed Defense level 8

Alan Lord of Lord Industries is a billionaire philanthropist who was roped into the new US League project by Serena Strane, an dhe utilized his tech resources to aid in dramatically improving the material technology available to the new League, including the creation of the AI Elena from Akari tech.

Alan’s secret is his access to Akari technology. The Akari Empire has close ties to Lord’s family, which is actually Akari in descent, and have been living on earth for many generations. He used this tech to advance his own specific interests when he reconnected with Empress Tan’Sari in 1998, and learned of his family’s legacy. Since then Alan Lord has used this for his own gain.

The Rest of the Old League:

Bluefire (Sam King) – deceased, a metahuman who could control a blue-tinged energy he believed was the spiritual essence of a dead species.

Foxtrot (name unknown) – MIA, a former black ops Navy SEAL who took super soldier serum, presumed dead. Had uncanny dexterity and stealth abilities.

Blast (Lisa Williams) – MIA, a metahuman with augmented energy release abilities, possible escapee of Mystech experimentation. Thought to have been killed in blast.

Twister (Mitch Thurn) – MIA, a metahuman who could control the weather and summon tornadoes. Believed killed in the 2009 blast.

The Captain (Cpt. Sam Thomas) – MIA, presumed dead, a metahuman soldier who underwent Project Omega’s superhuman treatment, and came out the other end sane. Was second to American Agent in positional authority, evidence of his remains found at the 2009 blast site.

The Liberty League (90’s to early 2000’s Era):

Dr. Futurity (on rare occasion)

Phantom Ace (Winston Carruthers, summoned ghostly machines; retired)

Blackstar (Anna Grace, controlled the power of the black star; whereabouts unknown)

Arbalest (reformed era, post-prison/Project Omega)

Starnova (Marina Kustovikya, now retired in Russia; suffers from debilitating cancer and lost star power)

Wire (Drake Sloan, went rogue in 2004 after disbanding and is believed to work as a merc now)

Crimson Spear (Assundro of the Akari Empire; thought killed by Wraiths during the 2003 Eclipse Invasion)


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