Friday, February 10, 2023

Tales of the League Universe XV: Zullah (Cypher System)

Zullah is my tribute to Gorilla Grodd and Monsieur Mallah of DC fame:

Zullah the White Ape

Huge augmented white ape male – Level 6

Motive: To be free and to free his brethren, as well as grant them intelligence; to forge an empire of the apes (in Minnesota).

Environment: Zullah disliked the jungle privately and prefers the city.

Health: 36

Damage Inflicted: 13 melee fists

Armor: 1 point hide

Movement: short (on foot) long (climbing)

Modifications: +2 shifts Strength (+6 melee damage and throwing; Might Defense Level 8), 1 shift Resilience (+1 recovery and armor), 2 shifts Intelligence (Level 8 Intellect Defense Rolls; knowledge, science and crafting tasks)

Powers: Zullah is augmented with natural intelligence and speech abilities as well as profound strength thanks to a mishap caused by Tempest and the White Rabbit eight years earlier.

   Zullah seeks freedom, as well as a desire to elevate his fellow simians and found an empire that rules over man. He has been in and out of incarceration, but most recently was freed due to animal rights activists which had him moved to a comfortable habitat from which he found escape to be a simple matter. He now plots ways to change the climate of the earth to a hothouse while preparing for his empire of beasts in Minnesota.

 This wraps most of the defined content I had in my "campaign precis" for the Eschaton Plot. Next up are some notes and interesting bits.

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