Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tales from the League Universe XII: Sable Fury (Cypher System)

And now for a Sable Fury, a merc with Moon Knight inspirations!

Sable Fury (alias Cheranda Kumina; possessed by spirit of Makeda, Queen of Sheba)

Mystically Enhanced Human Woman – Level 7 (21)

Motive: the mercenary that is Cheranda seeks wealth and fortune, but the spirit of Makeda pushes her to recover power and restore the lost might of ancient Sheba

Environment: Sable Fury appears anywhere that there is money and power to be won through force

Health: 70

Damage Inflicted: 7 normal attack; 16 with monoblades

Armor: 3 points (2 combat gear, 1 natural cyberweave)

Movement: long (she is quick)

Modifications: 3 power shifts in longsword attacks (monoblades) for +9 damage; 2 shifts Dexterity (movement, acrobatics, speed defense, initiative) for Speed Defense 9 (27); 1 shift Recovery (+1 recovery roll, 1 natural armor.

Powers: Sable Fury is possessed by the spirit of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba. She is also a cybernetically enhanced former assassin for the Nation State of Aranda, which equipped her with the best cyberware Mystech had to offer. She is extremely fast, quick to recover, and can generate two monomolecular blades which slide from containers in her forearms. The blades are devastatingly sharp and can cut through almost anything.

Sable Fury was Cheranda Kumina, a professional soldier and merc who volunteered to be cybernetically augmented in a special program run by General Haram of Uganda, the warlord responsible for so much violence in central Africa. On one mission she was sent to southern Saudia Arabia to recover what was believed to be holy relics of power, and instead discovered a tomb to the Queen of Sheba. The spirit of the ancient queen took possession of Cheranda and for a time she lost control. As Makeda, Sable Fury sought to retake her kingdom, forming a large army of PMCs and guerillas to fight North African and Saudi forces. During this conflict she met Arbalest, working to defuse the conflict, and had a brief affair with him before he realized that she was possessed by the spirit of Makeda, and aided in freeing Cheranda of the curse. Cheranda was not so happy with Arbalest, though thankful to have regained control of herself thanks to the Lion totem she wears around her neck. The war continued, but Sable Fury sought her own way afterward, though Makeda’s attempts to influence her host continue.

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