Monday, February 6, 2023

Tales of the League Universe XI: Arbalest (Cypher System)

 One of my original creations, Arbalest is what might have happened to Speedy if he'd watched Green Arrow get murdered and had a Jason Todd level mean streak. The 80's edition of Arbalest was young and bitter, this is a middle aged edition of Arbalest, now old and bitter, but he serves as a reluctant patron to any aspiring PCs:

Arbalest (current alias Dale Colt)

Human male with enhanced training – Level 7(21)

Motive: hunt down criminals, exact justice; mellowed from his early years as a killer vigilante

Environment: New York mostly

Health: 70

Damage Inflicted: 7 (fists, ordinary shot); 16 (any arbalest, crossbow or bow)

Armor: 2 points armored suit

Movement: long (Arbalest is quick)

Modifications: 3 shifts in arbalest attacks (+9 damage, Speed Defense Level 9); Accuracy 1 shifts\ (Speed Defense 8 all attacks); Healing 1 (+1 recovery roll)

Powers: Arbalest is a naturally trained vigilante. At age 52 he is getting old and slower, but is still considered one of the world’s best shots. He is unaware of the fact that some of his unusual current health stems from a nanite injection from his ex-wife, the retired Silver Fox. His daughter is the new, young Silver Fox.

Arbalest began as the adventurous young sidekick to Captain Liberty in the early eighties, but when his mentor was killed by a gang of criminal supervillains he went mad with vengeance and began to systematically hunt down the villains responsible and execute them with his trademark arbalest. Arbalest eventually was captured and spent time in a maximum security prison before being released as part of the Gvernment’s Project Omega program, where he worked as a black ops agent for three years before his sentence was commuted to time served and he was released. He spent the later nineties in private industry, joining FOX Corp and meeting, then marrying the retired Silver Fox before they had one child, the new Silver Fox. In 2002, Arbalest briefly returned to working as a vigilante when a rise in New York super crime led to pleas from former allies and friends to help stop the tide. He briefly rejoined the Liberty League before it closed shop for a time, and then continued on and off as an adventurer even after his divorce with Silver Fox. Arbalest eventually went international, working to aid guerillas in overturning corrupt regimes in third world countries. He later met Sable Fury, and may have had another child with the African Warrior Queen before disappearing for several years, only to resurface as a street-level vigilante once more in New York.

NEXT: The Sable Fury

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