Thursday, February 9, 2023

Rise of the Return of Live Gaming!!!!

 I've been letting the Cypher Supers stuff dominate the blog for a bit, but I have plenty of non-Cypher Supers stuff to blog about, too. Specifically: we returned (again, and again!) to live gaming once more for the Wednesday night group. It was very cathartic, and was a reminder once more of how much is "lost in translation" with the online VTT experience. Our preferred live venue is a local game store (Ettin Games) which has some very nice play space and isn't too noisy. 

It was, in many ways, necessary, for lots of reasons....the online experience was just clearly not cutting it. It was also nice to see old friends in the flesh once again, and to know....move around and walk outside and stuff. The pandemic is over, after all, and Covid is now just a fact of life like the flu, a thing we must live with, so being able to once more participate in RL was an immense stress reliever.

Sure, we started this a few months back then got rudely interrupted by everyone catching Covid, but this time feels a little more permanent, like we're all well and truly ready to make this happen. We've all weather Covid at least once now (some two or even three times) and just about everyone is up to date on vaccines and such, so it seems unlikely we could be any more prepared. Either way, it's sort of worth it....the ability to gather online and try to be heard on substandard communication channels is simply no replacement for actually just being in the same room.

Anyway, the plan now is permanent live game Wednesdays going forward. Now I just need to figure out how to make that happen on Saturdays again! Unfortunately on Saturday night we do have players who have health conditions that make them worried about going out in the wild, so that does necessitate VTT for that game. I have, however, been considering the possibility that maybe I can run a live afternoon game which incorporates my son, and maybe some other friends and family, as he is at an age now where he actively enjoys the hobby and wants to be more and more involved. He and I recently ran some short test sessions of Level Up! A5E RPG which were extremely fun, we basically replicated a bunch of Mortal Kombat characters and let them loose, and we're quite grokking the A5E vibe. I need to write more about that later....but the idea for the moment is maybe doing a live Level Up! session on Saturday or Sunday in the early afternoon. Need to go by the game shop and see what their attendance looks like in the day time. 

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