Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tales from the League Universe XIII: The Organ Taker (Cypher System)

 More cosmic horror and Alien inspired madness intrudes in the superverse!

The Organ Taker (Xenoform Extromophile)

Alien Monstrosity Level 6 (18)

Motive: steal organs, lay eggs, propogate species

Environment: The depths of space normally, but will arrive on the tail of a comet. In this case, the Organ Taker was released by Wraith Agents in New York to sew chaos.

Health: 30

Damage Inflicted: 6 (claws) 12 (stinger)

Armor: 2 points natural

Movement: short (running) or long (flying)

Modifications: 1 shift Dexterity (acrobatics, initiative, movement, speed defense) with Speed Defense Level 7, Resilience 2 shifts (Might Defense Level 8; Armor 2); 2 shifts stinger attack (Speed attack level 8 and +6 damage)

Powers: Organ Taker is a particularly dangerous alien from the Gamma Reticuli system which manages to release egg-like spores into space that can ride on the tails of comets for millions of years before hatching. The Wraiths use them as seed weapons, to devastate local civlizations by dropping one into the midst of an unsuspecting population. The Organ Taker is the nickname given to one which is rampaging through New York right now, stealing bodies and laying eggs in them. The Organ Taker is also a parasitic mimic; it can take a host form, steal its DNA, and then masquerade with alarming accuracy as the host, including voice and mannerisms. This illusion requires a Level 6 Intellect check (18) to penetrate, although some tech may assist in identifying the clever simulation for what it is; the Organ Taker only “appears” to be the person in speech, look and manner….it cannot improvise outside of the scope of what it absorbed. The current one in New York is imitating a butcher named Leon Corinsky, who works at a butchery in the north end.

When an Organ Take steals the body of a fresh victim, it actually sprays egg-like spores into the torso, which rapidly devour the organs and then grow to become egg-like entities which then mutate into tiny versions of the adult. They leave the body behind and then move to dark places (like the sewers or subway system) to build nests and hunt for more food to grow. Over time, the monogendered species can grow exponentially if left unchecked. Each “laying” can lead to 2-3 hatchlings.

Organ Takers look like eight limbed monstrosities with large, plated heads filled with jaws and eyes, and wide, gossamer wings on seemingly slight exoskeletons; their bodies are better adapted to low and zero gravity environments, but they rapidaly adapt with each new generation to the environment they develop within, and consume DNA from their host to maximize their adaptation. They seem to be of animal intelligence but can mimic the speed of their host victims with alarming clarity.

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