Friday, February 3, 2023

Tales of the League Universe X: The Legend (Cypher System)

 My tribute to the cursed immortal....not too long ago the New 52 actually revealed my fave, The Phantom Stranger, to have exactly this origin (give or take a few details):

Legend (current alias Christopher Long)

Human with Sorcerous Weapon (Arcane Origin) – Level 7

Motive: Pennance for ancient sins, determination to find his purpose as an immortal

Environment: The obscure corners of Earth

Health: 35

Damage Inflicted: 7 damage; 16 with the Spear of Destiny

Armor: 3 points plate

Movement: short

Modifications: +9 damage with the Spear of Destiny (16 damage total); +1 Intellect defense and skills (esp. history); +1 Might Defense and strength checks.

Powers: The Spear of Destiny, which is a Level 8 artifact; nothing less than that level can move Legend if he chooses not to be moved (he may still be injured). The spear can also reveal the true form of all within long range. Legend’s immortality is such that even if he is killed, he will reform in 1D10 months; if he is burned to ashes he reforms in 1D10 years.

Aside from the Spear of Destiny, Legend is immortal, and claims to be thousands of years old. Some believe he may have been Longinus, the soldier serving penitence for slaying Christ, but other stories suggest he is much, much older and may even have been identified as Achilles once. He claims to have been cursed in ancient times, and has walked the world all this time trying to seek a cure, or redemption.

Legend will readily aid the PCs in their quest, and his spear will quickly reveal the truth of the wraith in the midst of the Eschaton agents. Once Contessa Villaine is exposed, she will brag about the manipulations of the Wraiths with Eschaton to cause an intergalactic war.

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