Thursday, February 9, 2023

Tales of the League Universe XIV: Atlas (Cypher System)

 Atlas has some inspiration from Suicide Squad, Deathstroke, and others. Predates Task Force Z, one of my more favorite recent DC titles:

Atlas (formerly American Agent, alias Rick Collins)

Human male, metahuman enhanced - level 8 (24)

Motive: Atlas has been restored by Project Titan to be their flagship agent. Composited from the DNA remains of American Agent, Atlas appears to be motivated only to pursue the desires of Project Titan to find and retool metahumans as living weapons of war.

Environment: Wherever Project Titan needs Atlas on the ground.

Health: 80

Damage Inflicted: 17 melee

Armor: 6 points (armored suit plus 3 natural)

Movement: short

Modifications: 3 power shifts in Strength (+9 melee and thrown damage, Speed defense roll level 10);  Recovery 3 (+3 recoveries and armor)

Powers: Atlas is reconstructed from the remains of the American Agent, grown in a vat after a massive level of structural damage caused by radiation was reversed using Tachyon Inversion techniques. The result is a perfect clone of the American Agent, wrapped in the metal armor of a Titan soldier. He retains super strength and super regeneration, and it is possible that he may, thanks to the tachyon inversion treatment, may retain remnants of his old mind behind the deep level conditioning he has been subjected to.

Atlas works now as a single-minded agent for Project Titan, the flagship example of what the top secret organization can accomplish in its war to enslave and turn metahumans into regenerable, obedient super soldiers.

Right now they are separately investigating the disappearance of Agents of Steel, though they don’t know the reason for the disappearances….behind the scenes Titan’s leader, Golam Escher, believes Eschaton may be at work. He is also keen to recover the most recent new metahumans identified by the project as worthy of “recruitment.”

NEXT: Zullah!

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