Saturday, March 30, 2019

Alien: Containment Short Film

Fans of Aliens can rejoice, as the first of a series of film shorts hosted on IGN for the 40th anniversary of the legendary film Alien is now up for viewing. It's a good takes about 9 minutes to provide a brief glimpse into the dark and dystopian future universe of the Alien franchise with a careful use of effects and tension to make for an interesting experience. You can't do lots of character building in the short time of these films, but of course the Alien franchise excels at scenarios of tension and horror and short films can provide interesting snippets of such.

Here's the whole film:

My understanding is there will be 6 more of these to be released in the coming months. As an unrelenting fan of the Alien franchise, I am very happy. There's also the Alien Isolation digital series shorts, which provide a seven episode "best bits" presentation of the video game story as a coherent narrative, well worth watching if you've played the game or would like to play the game but lack the skill/time/interest just to learn the story. Here's episode 1:

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