Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Thinking about things to do with The Fantasy Trip

It's been no secret (or a poorly kept one, anyway) that I've been feeling some general burn out, but I have good news....with some time off, and opportunity to recharge my batteries a bit, I am starting to feel that creative itch again. Hopefully that will translate back to the gaming table, but either way, some of this is due to the fact that I am finding the prospects for The Fantasy Trip very inspiring. It's an old school system, but easily one of the best at what it does and stands the test of time admirably. A game from a lost era, preserved in amber, with firm roots in the future....also, TFT is in many ways a "GURPS Lite" in the truest sense, a version of the same rules, after a fashion, in which they function for identical purpose but are also easier to master in every way you could want. Good stuff.

So I was thinking that it might be a lot of fun to actually visit one of my classic settings, either Keepers of Lingusia or Realms of Chirak using the TFT rules. I am leaning to the KOL setting since it is as venerable as TFT in many ways, and back when I did get to run some TFT in the early eighties it was the only setting I used for everything (even Runequest 2). Whatever game I ran back then, no matter how exotically different from AD&D, found an excuse and a way to fit within the original Lingusia world.

That said, there is a lot to be said for designing a world around the core conceits of the rules to allow for the game as presented to nurture itself in its own unique direction....yes, you could ask, "Why not just use Cidri?" but the answer is easy....I gain a lot more satisfaction out of devising an interesting world and a lot less out of simply retreading someone else's creation, which is why I rarely run modules. Of course, if I did try that approach, maybe I'd experience a bit less burn out, so there are merits to the idea.

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