Sunday, March 3, 2019

Now for the Positive Gaming Outlook Post

So, it't not all doom, gloom and burnout here at the Realms of Chirak. My actual gaming has been working as follows:

1. My wife has been running a Cypher System game set in 1920 featuring pup action heroes in a style that is extremely interesting (I call it interesting because I'm an old fan of pulps from the era but not sure anyone else in the group is, so the net result is....unique and eclectic, to say the least!)'s a lot of fun, which is good, but I admit I remain a terrible player for all sorts of reasons. But a break is a break!

2. When she isn't running that I resumed my Cypher-powered Domain SF setting with a second session and am having fun exploring that weird future universe concept. When my wife isn't running, that is!

3. I continue to run Starfinder every other midweek, and am enjoying it for what it is. The more I run Starfinder the more I see it is an earnest Spelljammer with more techno-trappings, which in turn makes it even more fun to engage with.

4. The bi-weekly night I tried resuming D&D is the only one up in the air right now. I will probably stick with it, but I plan to maybe deliberately undermine the "D&Disms" that I outlined in the prior a game where I specifically avoid all the things I find are taken for granted in D&D and stick to plots and elements that I find more interesting. This will be tough, because the baseline stuff is "no-brainer" material and I realize I've relied on it because of my lack of time to prep, but my goal is to focus on the plots over the process, and pretty much cut out all those default trappings entirely, see how it goes. If that doesn't work, then I'm gonna shelve D&D for a while and run something very different.


  1. I think you meant 'pulp action heroes' instead of 'pup action heroes' - although I think the latter would be adorable.