Monday, December 3, 2018

Robotech is going Savage. Savage Worlds, that is....

This got my attention!

Robotech powered by Savage Worlds seems like a no-brainer. If you've played around with the battlesuit and mecha rules in the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion then you know this is perfectly doable. If you love Robotech and all its anachronisms then you know its a perfect fit for Savage Worlds. I am totally on board with this!

In case you had not heard, Harmony Gold and Palladium had a falling out last year (which led to a major Kickstarter implosion). The game rights to Robotech properties now currently reside with Strange Machine Games. It sounds like they are partnering with Battlefield Games to do this, and I hope they have the resources to make it as cool as so many of the other Savage Worlds books out there look.

On the plus side, if you haven't dived into the deep end of alt-history crazy that is Robotech but you love Savage Worlds, this will be a good time to do so. 2019 just got a lot more interesting.


  1. I've been working off and on a fan-version of a Robotech RPG since Palladium lost the license. It is way harder than it looks to make up a transforming mecha RPG. I've been fighting this all year. I finally gave up on trying to do anything innovative or realistic and went D20-ish. I did replace all of the actual Robotech names, just in case somebody got the rights.

    1. That would be worth a look right there....very few mecha RPGs (and I think we have to go back to Dream Pod 9/GoO days to find the last effort) that are D20 based. Are you making it available anywhere in print or PDF?

  2. That's the last one I can think of too. There isn't much to go on for inspiration. The Palladium system was terrible, but semi-functional. Before that came out, I modified the rules for Paranoia for a homemade Robotech game, which was also terrible. This is not an easy genre for an RPG.

    I'm still working on the Zentraedi right now, so its going to be a while. I'm just doing it in my spare time. Sorry to be a tease. I'll just be posting it at my blog when its finished, because it will be a strictly amateur-hour production.

    I do have this post from a few years ago with some maps and a Robotech setting I used a long time ago.