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Realms of Chirak: Artifacts from Theliad (D&D 5E)

In recent campaign reveals, Theliad has been getting a lot of exploration. Among other things, the secret of the Immortals masquerading as the gods have been revealed, and the legacy of the many potent weapons left over from ancient times back to the Apocalypse have allowed the party to get some nifty (albeit flawed) artifacts. Here are a medley you can use for your own D&D 5E campaigns:

The Blood Axe
This great axe was forged in the city of Afar when it was ruled by the immortal lord Sultirian during the height of his reign. The axe was allegedly carried by the General Corvus, who betrayed Sultirian and aided in his assassination.
+3 artifact, great axe, requires attunement
Property: you are immune to disease while attune to this artifact
Property: At the start of your turn, as long as you have at least 1 HP you regain 1D6 HPs immediately
Flaw: while attuned to the Blood Axe you are at Disadvantage on saves vs. poison
Flaw: The Blood Axe was forged in the fires of Afar’s forges by the Immortal Sultirian. There is a 10% chance each morning that an avatar of Sultirian will manifest to claim the Blood Axe, in the form of an empyrean.
Main Property: The blood axe steals blood from those it slays. Each time a foe is slain, the axe gains a Blood Point. It can hold up to 3 Blood Points. When the attuned wielder releases a blood point as an action, it forges a second magical blood axe which will strike a target of the wielder’s choice within 60 feet as a bonus action. The attack will be at the attuned wielder’s attack value and damage as if he/she struck with the axe.

The Raven Bow
The Raven Bow was forged by one of Morrigan the Raven Queen’s sons, specifically Glon, to hunt and kill Fomorians and other threats to her dominion in the Shadowfell. The bow is said to have been used by shadar-kai champions of the Raven Queen to slay thousands of fomorian invaders in her realm.
+3 Artifact, long bow, requires attunement
Property: You gain the ability to Speak with Ravens while attuned to the bow.
Property: while attuned to the weapon, each attack does +1D6 psychic damage.
Flaw: when you are attuned to the artifact, if the bow leaves your possession by more than 10 feet you become Deafened.
Flaw: When you become attuned to the artifact you age 3D10 years and must make a DC 10 Constitution Save or die from the shock. You then rise as a wight sworn to protect the artifact and return to the Shadowfell.
Main Property: Against giants this bow always crits if it rolls 5 better than the target’s AC.

The Weapons of Agarthis:
Each of the following weapons were forged by the Raven Queen for her mortal champion, Agarthis, over twelve hundred years ago in Theliad. Agarthis was corrupted by the Thousandspawn Ierata and was driven mad with the taint of chaos, eventually captured and interred beneath a zigurrat of solid iron by the avatar of Pallath, but his weapons are said to have been stashed in the tomb, protected with wards to limit their power; only the Raven Queen could restore them to permanence.

The Great Sword of Agarthis 
The great sword wielded by the dark king called upon primal spirits to induce battle lust.
+3 artifact; unique; great sword; attunement required
Flaw: the wielder of the weapon can “hear” the vestige thoughts of Agarthis, which require a DC 10 Wisdom save each night to fall asleep without nightmares or awaken as if no long rest happened.
Property: This weapon ignores all forms of damage resistance.
Property: Each round as a free action the wielder may add one extra damage type to it besides slashing, which deals an extra 1D12 of that type of damage; the damage types must be chosen from necrotic, radiant, fire or cold. 
Major Property: The weapon sings dark songs in the head of the wielder during battle, and Once per long rest while in battle it will prompt a DC 15 Wisdom save or the bearer will suddenly go berserk, gaining advantage on attacks and +4 to damage, but reduces the AC by -5 due to extreme recklessness, and the wielder cannot benefit from healing or healing magic effects for the remainder of the combat. The effect lasts until the combat end, or the wielder makes no attacks for one full round, at which time he becomes weakened until a short rest.

The Plate Armor of Agarthis 
The armor of the immortal king was decorated with the symbols of the war goddess of shadow, lady of phantoms. It’s power stems from a single embedded gemstone which projects a prismatic radiance.
+3 armor artifact; unique; attunement required
Flaw: Once attuned, the armor cannot be taken off without a DC 17 Constitution Save.
Property: This armor provides full plate protection and also provide Magic Resistance against any save-inducing effect (gain advantage) when worn with attunement. 
Major Property: When worn, the armor can allow the caster to release a prismatic sphere as an action, as if cast by a level 17 mage (DC 19; Attack +11); this effect is restored with a long rest. When the armor is first worn, and anytime the spell is cast, the wearer must make a DC 19 Wisdom save or become overwhelmed by the vestige of Agarthis that rests within the armor, a being of malice and hubris which changes the bearer’s alignment to Lawful Evil. The vestige will fade after a long rest. 

The Long Bow of Agarthis 
The long reach of this weapon gave the mad king the ability to strike directly against his greatest enemies from any distance.
+3 long bow; artifact; unique; attunement required
Flaw: While attuned to the bow, the wielder cannot maintain a concentration effect and fire the bow in the same round.
Flaw: the bow is unwieldly at point blank range and incurs disadvantage regardless of any feats or special exceptions.
Property: This long bow manifests its own ammunition if none is used; merely pulling back on the bow manifests an arrow made of pure force. 
Property: The bow, like the sword, lets the wielder add an energy type to damage each round that adds 1D12 damage of that type (fire, cold, necrotic, radiant). 
Major Property: once per short rest the bow grants the wielder the ability to make an Impossible Shot; the target could be invisible, inside a building and out of sight, or beyond the range of the bow up to 100 miles away. As a free action the archer adds this effect, then uses his regular action and fires his normal attack. The target must make a DC 19 Wisdom save or the attack unerringly finds its way to the target, dealing full damage. Once used, this effect then deals the same amount of damage to the archer, who may make a DC 19 Wisdom save to take half damage.

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