Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cypher System report Session 6 plus a One Shot

This past weekend was session 6 of the ongoing Cypher System game, which focuses on a fantasy setting with liberal use of science-fantasy themes in its background. I also ran a one shot last Friday set in a distant post-apocalypse that was one part Fallout and one part Mad Max, with a dollop of Land of the Dead mixed in for completions' sake.

All told, more good fun. What I'm realizing is that it is really easy to pick up and run with Cypher as a GM, and extremely easy to concoct genre-bending and twisting tales without much extra effort. I also had the one-shot roll tier 3 characters to see how different that felt from the tier 1-2 game that's been ongoing (everyone in that game has now hit tier 2) and it was interesting to realize that the "threat" felt about as consistent, largely because ultimately the PCs were more capable, but only if they were willing to be bold and spend the pools necessary to make life easier. With more pools, they could do this, but it means higher level threats can be hit....but also come with the harder hitting perks of being high level threats.

The fact that the game still felt and played "the same" at the higher tier was nice, though. More stuff, more ability, but still the same level of underlying complexity is good. D&D 5E does this as well at higher level now.

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