Monday, August 20, 2018

Cypher System: Neuromorphs of the Interstitial Realms

Imagine this with a spindly, clawed humanoid form*

Neuromorphs 6 (18)
Health 18
Damage 6

Motivation: Neuromorphs invade and consume the brain matter of other species through a process of psychic neurolysis.

Special Abilities:

Neurolytic Degeneration: through a process of neurolysis the neuromorph’s mere psychic presence causes slow damage every round that someone is present. Each round targets much roll against intellect defense level 6 or suffer 1 point of Intellect damage if they are within 100 feet (long range) or a neuromorph.

A target reduced to 0 Intellect in this manner will be reduced to a vegetable if not removed from the presence of a neuromorph within 1D6 minutes of reaching 0 Intellect. When a target reaches zero Intelect for the first time, the neuromorph heals 3 health.

A neuromorph can, as an attack, directly focus on one target in long range and deal 6 intellect damage per round if the defense is failed. When this happens other targets in the ambient radius are spared for that round. As a last ditch effort a neuromorph can use its claws, but they only deal 4 damage and require a Speed defense level 4 to avoid damage; their bodies are weak compared to their mental abilities, and they have a might and speed defense of level 4 against melee attacks. 

Telepathy: neuromorphs speak via telepathy and can learn any language almost immediately. They can absorb the memories and knowledge of willing subjects in minutes, or unwilling subjects with a level 6 intellect defense check.

Description: neuromorphs have gangly, humanoid bodies attached to strange, multi-limbed “heads” that resemble starfish. Each long limb of the head ends in a series of smaller fractal limbs, which in turn seem to break down even further. The fractal nature of the neuromorph is a result of its strange existence within the “space between worlds” called the Intersticial Realm.

Most neuromorphs cover up their humanoid body, exposing only their head and long claws. They favor colorful robes and garments.

Neuromorphs hover slightly off of the ground in all circumstances and conditions, as if floating on a magnetic cushion, but they can be knocked down and they do not levitate if they are in a state of rest or meditation.

Neuromorphs maintain a sophisticated society, but because they are made of a form of exotic matter which allows them to sustain their existence in the interstices, their ability to directly interact with conventional (baryonic) matter is limited. Specifically, they lack the technology or magic necessary to forge a bridge, portal or wormhole into the normal world, and regularly seek means of doing so, as well as engaging in hostility toward any who would invade the intersticial realm they call home.

*Finding monstrous humanoids with a starfish-like head is harder than I thought. Interwebz, you has failed me.

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