Thursday, November 10, 2016

Travels in Lingusia: the Ruins of Arkalor (Octzel)

Arkalor was a weird retro-addition to the history of Octzel. When it was first visited it was in the Warlord of Lingusia campaign, which took place in 3,500 AW. The ruins were identified as over 2,000 years old then. This version reflects the ruins as a six century old legacy of evil in Octzel, CA. 2092 AW, during the Age of Strife....

Ruins of Arkalor (Octzel, Gremna Province, Halale Wilderness, CA. 2092 AW)

   This ruined citadel and the vast and ancient city around it is steeped in mystery. The legends say that six centuries ago it was a seat of dark power, where chaos worshipping tieflings, eladrin, humans and orcs alike gathered to pay homage to the Chaos Pantheon. From its gates rode an army of black knights to crush the forces of Octzel and beyond, and it was a terrifying source of dark power. Little history from that dark period of time was recorded, though historians can tell you that Arkalor’s reputation was so terrible that when at last the city fell all reference to it was erased from the historical records. Neither its people nor its rulers are known today, nor why they chose to worship the Chaos Pantheons. Despite this, bardic tales and curious legends suggest the city itself did not fall to the blades of Octzellan crusaders, but instead was consumed from within by a plague of demons unleashed upon the land.
   Today, the haunted ruins are a bane to all creatures living and only a handful of ogre tribes wander the region, daring to get close to the ruins in search of valuable relics. The ruins are known to be haunted by the dead as well as rife with ancient evils, and demons are believed to ingest the catacombs beneath.     

Encounters in the Ruins of Arkalor:
Encounter 10+ for each hour in the region
D20        Encounter Chart 1
1-2          Roving pack of 2D6 ghouls
3              A band of 2D8 kytons move through the area hunting demons
4              A tiefling witch treasure hunter who claims to have ancestry from the city
5              A tribe of 4D6 ogres searching for relics on the periphery
6              A gibbering Mouther prowls about (25% chance of 1D4 of them)
7              A party of fiendish satyrs prowl the ruins looking for relics to sell (2D4)
8-10       A Chaos Gate manifestation; the region is suddenly warped and twisted as the adventurer’s presence in the ruins creates a tether to the Abyss; an Arcana check DC 12 to escape being transported to the Abyss; 50% chance of demons being dragged from the Abyss in to the ruins as well (20+2D10 levels’ worth of demons)
11           1D8 Shadows inhabiting a crumbling building (10% chance of a greater shadow as well)
12           A sudden surge of ancient chaos energy; 2D10 skeletons and 2D10 zombies arise and attack
13           A lone spectre called Nabasath wanders the ruins seeking company, though he is quite mad and likely to turn on his listeners or flee
14           2D6 wraiths rise up to destroy the “invaders”
15           3D6 dretches materialize from the Abyss, possibly led by 1D4 quasits (25% chance)
16           hell hound hunting pack (2D6)
17           A succubus appears and takes an interest in the group
18           A tether to the Abyss pulls in a very powerful demon, which mistakes the adventurers for summoners initially, giving them a moment to negotiate or flee before it realizes where it is
19           A gray ooze slithers through the ruins
20           1D4 Gibbering Mouthers prowls about

Note:  demons and pulled through Tethers to the Abyss will return to the Abyss in 1D6 minutes.

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