Monday, November 28, 2016

Sick to Death of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Seriously. I eagerly look forward to not being endlessly spammed about everyone's amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The five days following Thanksgiving feel like they have hit a new low this year. All of my favorite sites are enmeshed in reporting on the best deals, to the extent that the "best deals" all appear to be an endless, amorphous amalgamation of all deals, everywhere, at all times. Worse yet, they started this at least a week early for most venues, with the actual "Black Friday" deals being specific targeted specials of limited quanity, barely there to justify the specialness of that particular day for a few hours.

I've never (willingly) participated in Black Friday and have never found that the momentary savings of a day's specials was worth the agony of participating in the consumerist feeding frenzy. But's gotten worse, especially online, and especially when it seems like every venue I like to frequent for gaming, comic and fiction news is currently dominated by an endless parade of "deals reporting" which all inevitably point you to what are essentially the same sort of deals the internet hammers you with already, every single week.....but now with more trumpets and sparklers.

Okay, just had to get that off my chest!