Tuesday, May 31, 2016

White Star Companion now in print!

You can find it right here. The White Star Companion is a great official volume 2 to the core rules...if you're curious about what it contains, here's a run down:

8 new classes:
Bounty Hunter - now you too can play Boba Fett
Deep Space Explorer
Freed Assimilant - 7 of 9, anyone?
Man of Tomorrow - for your Lensman campaign
Novomachina - add some Transformer goodness in there too (no, seriously!)
Plucky Sidekick - what is says on the tin
Two-Fisted Technician
Yabnabs - why should the GM have all the fun torturing players with Yabnabs? 
New starships
New vehicle rules
New vehicles
Skill mechanics
New equipment
24 new monsters
Star system/sector random generator (and a pretty nice one, too!)
Details on Sterling Sector

96 pages in total, and well worth it.

White Star is currently turning out to be rather well supported in print now, with at least 8 print tomes, and growing....and all very good stuff!

Honestly, when it first came out I never imagined White Star would be the OSR title to grab me like a vice grip and drag me away from more complex SF systems. But it turns out it was exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak. The wealth of options, mixed with the ridiculous simplicity of Swords & Wizardry, in a SF system which lets you play it as fast and loose with SF tropes as you want (or as tight as you want if you feel like it) is very cathartic for me, and is currently the only newer game system to really energize my gaming interest.

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