Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hero System 6th Edition Dethroned by Grimtooth as "Game most Likely to Stop a Bullet."

I picked up a copy of the Silver-Foil leatherette cover, 620 page edition of Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection. The book is larger than all three D&D 5E manuals combined. It looks larger than all of the Grimtooth's books it holds within, combined, probably due to thicker quality pages than the originals? It looks terrifyingly large.

This is a glorious collector's edition, and worth it to secure the special silver/gold goil version with 160 extra pages of content, including Traps Bazaar and Grimtooth's Dungeons of Doom. It remains suitably generic (although in the back are some notes on AD&D and T&T conversions for some bits), but note that Goodman Games also released a special module 87.5 for Dungeon Crawl Classics titled Grimtooth's Museum of Death, so if you want the totally complete Grimtooth experience not even the massive Ultimate Grimtooth's Traps book will cover it! Sadly the DCC module does not offer DT&T conversions, but it's easy enough to extrapolate DCC into DT&T mechanics (hint to any DT&T fans out there: if you love DT&T, I can promise you that you'll also enjoy DCC, which covers a very similar aesthetic and gritty fantasy-meets-high-weirdness feel that DT&T does).

The big book is $80 MSRP but I found a copy for $64. It's worth $80 though, so if you want to have the final, definitive resource on dungeon delving traps, find a copy.

Grimtina is actually in this module, with a terrifying chainsaw. She's like Harley Quinn if Harley were the love child of Hades and Ereshkigal.

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