Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Help Chuck Wright out and get Chuck's Dragons

Frog God Games now has a tome of adventures for which all proceeds go to helping Chuck Wright, the man who you should thank for such excellent art, layout and design on Frog God Games books. Chuck had complications due to his diabetes and lost a leg (see Tenkar's post here). As someone with diabetes myself, this is a terrible risk for those afflicted, and I greatly empathize with his situation. Not all of us are able to contribute to help as much as we'd like, but if you'd like one way to do it, Frog God now has the tome Chuck's Dragons which is a series of six short dragon-themed encounters you can use in your preferred system of choice, in PDF and print. You can also get a signed copy. All of the proceeds from this book go toward helping Chuck during his recovery.

You can also donate to a gofundme page set up here, but if you'd like to help out and still enjoy some Frog God goodness, the adventure anthology is hard to beat.

Pick up a copy today and help Chuck out. He's done a lot for all of us who enjoy Frog God's works and gaming in general. I don't know him personally, but I have a veritable shelf of tomes that would not exist as they do without him, and I deeply respect his work as an artist and creator. Please get better, Chuck.

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