Friday, December 21, 2012

Starships & Spacemen 2E

I grabbed this today, one of "Dad's Xmas gifts" to himself: Starships & Spacemen, 2nd edition from Daniel Proctor and co. at Goblinoid Games (PDF here). It's the official second edition to a game which came out back in...ah...1979? And which Goblinoid Games bought the rights to and rereleased in all its typewriter-font glory a little while back. The 2nd edition is a classy revision, with the rules heavily upgraded and made compatible with Labyrinth Lord, although it looks like the rules, while compatible, aren't sacrificing SF-flavor just to be easily meshed with LL.

Anyway, it's a rip, homage to Star Trek, and even includes things like a random alien forehead bump generation table so you can find out what your alien of the week looks like. Great stuff, I feel like running a campaign with this By The Book already, set in the mysterious parallel universe of Space Fleet!

It's also gotten my mind off of the horrendous tragedies of late, so another big plus. Goblinoid Games continues to deliver fun stuff that prays on nostalgia but in a good way....Rotworld was my last purchase from them (also a great game), and I have been waiting to see what was next from them, and S&S 2E was well worth it.


  1. I was pretty happy with it myself. And I adored the "alien bump" charts.

  2. I like it, but I feel a bit ripped off as I paid $40 for a hardcover, not realizing it was only 90 pages.

    90 pages!

    If I had just bought the PDF I would have been happy.

    1. Ouch! I would pay probably $15-20 for a print soft cover copy, but $40 seems steep. The PDF I have is 112 pages, too...and I printed and bound it (ah, the joy of working in a well-equipped office) so I'm pretty well set. I think I'd have a bit of buyer's remorse as well if I'd spent $40 on's good, but not $40 good!