Tuesday, December 18, 2012

D&D 5th Edition Latest playtest package is up - and it's starting to look good...

The latest playtest package went up yesterday, and it's starting to look kind of...good....! It's not that I didn't expect it to eventually shape up into something playable and persistent; despite reservations at times I do have confidence in the designers at WotC that they are sincere in their efforts to make a game we can all appreciate (or at least one that I will).

The latest playtest has twenty levels defined for the core classes plus monks (what happened to sorcerers and warlocks??? They are missing, it turns out). It's got lots of backgrounds, specialties, and tons of expertise dice for every class (it's now a core feature everyone can employ). It's got feats that seem to stop at level 9 (some speculation on whether feats will continue to accrue with prestige classes?) and it's got a massive bestiary of around 180 or so monsters to kickstart playtest campaigns in to gear. There are four modules now for those who don't do their own, or feel more comfortable keeping the playtest on guided rails.

There's still lots of D&D yet to appear in DDN, but as of right now this playtest offers more content and ready material than most other fantasy RPGs out there.

Anyway, I've started the discussion with my local group, and the plan is to take this puppy for a full playtest ride beginning in January. I guess 2013 will have some dungeon delving and dragon slaying in it after all (and plenty of Pathfinder still for Wednesdays!)

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