Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trollszine 4 is Out! Plus Fiery Dragon Ramps up for more T&T 7.5 Goodness

From The Trollish Delver

Always nice to hear more good news in the Tunnels & Trolls community (the guerilla underground of the RPG network). Trollszine #4 is out and you can download it for free here. Needless to say I have another contribution therein, and I need to get ahold of Dan Hembree and Scott Grant, the new caretakers, to provide some material for future issues.

Dan's blog talks about some great news as well: Fiery Dragon, which has previously produced the Tunnels & Trolls 7th and 7.5 edition boxed sets (as well as a follow-up Delver's Kit)  and is apparently moving forward with a new module and a new release of the 7.5 rules (hopefully in a full-size or more manageable bound book format....I'll keep my fingers crossed....). Moreover, they'll be donating a portion of the proceeds from these sales to the Jeff Freels Transplant Fund, a noted blind artist who is well regarded for his sword & sorcery illustrations. You can see some of Jeff's stuff here.

I haven't talked much about T&T on my blog....I don't get to play it as much as I might like (if I could play it weekly I would), and while its a very easy and intuitive game, it is very hard to sell to the predominantly D&D-familiar crowd I normally game with. That said, I've always held it up as one of my favorite systems of all time, simply because it's so elegant in its design and thanks to the many people from Ken St. Andre on to Liz Danforth, Jim Peters and the many, many others who have contributed to the game over the years to create a unique, farcial, serious, zany, dark, weird and over-the-top realm of fiction and gaming for T&T. It's nice to know that back in 1983 when I discovered T&T that the game would be going just as strong as ever nearly thirty years later, in its weirdly underground style. My first several years as a fanzine editor would never have happened way back when if it weren't for T&T and its dedicated fans.

By Jeff Freels

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