Thursday, February 16, 2012

Philip Glass, Minimalism and 1000 Airplanes (on the roof)

I had mentioned that I liked Philip Glass. That's a mild understatement...I believe I have just about all of Philip Glass's music which he wrote, orchestrated, performed or was even in the same room as. If you don't know much about Philip Glass (outside of the fact that his music occasionally graces Verizon and car commercials) you can check out a free sampler over at Amazon here called "The Orange Mountain Music Sampler." This'll give you an opportunity to experience the grandfather (although not the originator) or modern minimalist music in action.

Here's a sampling of one of my all time favorite works by Philip Glass, from the soundtrack to the science fiction play 1000 Airplanes on the Roof. This was the first CD I purchased back in 1988-89 along with my first CD player, and I still have that CD today.

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