Monday, February 20, 2012

2221 - After the Nemesis Cataclysm: Technology Levels

Technology of the Solar Collective and Post-Apocalyptic Earth:

As a rule of thumb, here are the basic guidelines for technology in the setting:

Primitive and Archaic Technology: Available and normal tech for survivors on PA Earth.

Medieval and Renaissance Level Technology: rare tech levels, but some advanced survivors may be at this level.

(Modern) 21st Century Earth Technology: These technology levels can be found in the forms of relics and artifacts in the ruins of Earth.

Advanced Technology: This is the default tech level of the Solar Collective.

Advanced Plus Technology: this is the default experimental tech level of the Solar Collective; devices of this level may exist, but are rare and experimental. Examples would include advanced nanotechnology, AI-Construct World Ships, and fully engineered new life forms.

Old Earth Technology: The Pre-apocalyptic earth had tech that was well beyond much of what is common among the spacer colonies today and relics of such can be found on Earth and in the ruins of abandoned space stations and colonies, especially around Venus and Mercury, both of which were largely abandoned due to time and cost by the Solar Collective. It is known that experimental biotech and quantum level apportation on a macroscopic level was in development at the time Old Earth was devastated. Of all the lost tech, only AI advances are believed to be superior today, due to the self-evolving Jovian Network.

Default Solar Collective Technology Levels by Field:

This list will let you know what’s most common for the Solar Collective.

Transportation: STL is the only available form of space flight. In this universe, it is still apparently physically impossible to overcome the light barrier

Weapons and Armor: Modern armor and weapons can be recovered in the ruins, and is common amongst advanced survivor towns. Advanced gear is also salvageable and common among the spacer colonies

Power: There are very few successful experiments at harnessing antimatter, but it’s considered a sort of “holy grail.” There is a common belief that A-M technology was being developed on Earth right before the End.

Biotech/Medicine: Biotech is ahead of the game; transgenic modification is relatively common among spacers and has no social stigmatism attached to it anymore. Old Earth was on the cusp of much greater advancements, and it is known that some survivors today exhibit genetic modifications that date from this period, though the tampering of the Seed Pod Terraformers has confused the issue of what is a relic of human modification and what is alien. The information learned from the Seed Pod Terraformers on Mars also propelled biotech research well ahead of the pack for the Mars Collective.

Computers: Spacers use sophisticated AI technology with built in fail-safes; unrestricted AI technology built on quantum level biotech dominates the Jovian Expanses. Relic AI technology on Old Earth shows that this is one area where the colonies have actually evolved a bit past where Earth tech levels were a century ago.

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