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2221 - After the Nemesis Cataclysm: Characters

BRP Rules for Characters in 2221:

Characters in the Post-Apocalyptic solar system are built at the default “normal” level of advancement. The following optional rules are employed:

Education is used (use to determine starting skill points)

Mutations, Super Powers and Psychic Abilities are available

Sanity Rules are in place

Personality Type Skill Bonuses are used

Androids use the Build Point-Buy option

Random Character Options:

If desired, a character’s background and race can be rolled for:

D100 Race                              D100 Background

01-60 Human                           01-25 Stellar Collective Spacer

71-80 Genemod                       26-30 Jovian Collective Spacer

81-90 Uplifted Animal              31-40 Spacer from the Outliers

91-90 Android                         41-75 Primitive Survivor

                                                76-95 Enlightened Survivor

                                                96-00 Awakened Survivor
Note: Hybrids can manifest as part of several backgrounds (below)


There are five possible races: humans, androids, hybrids, genemods and uplifted. After choosing a race you will then decide on your background package, either as a survivor or with the Solar Collective and other spacers.


Despite the genetic alterations of the Seed Pods and the general devastation of humanity, actual humans continue to exist and prosper. Humans on Earth are a ragged lot of primitive survivors struggling day to day against horrific alien flora and fauna. Humans in the Spacer colonies are a hardier breed of man that has adapted to survival in space, and now seeks to return to the mother world.

Humans have a chance of becoming hybrids (below) but untainted humans often modify themselves. Spacers are often genemodded transgenics, or sometimes rely on cybernetic enhancements. Any spacer can choose to modify his or her body with bioware or wetware if he so chooses; only affluent characters can afford this (based on the wealth of the chosen profession, not the equivalent wealth level they are allowed to gear up from).


Androids generally only exist in the space colonies, though stories on ancient androids which still function on Earth exist. Androids are synthetic humans, built of artificial components and otherwise looking very much like humans. That said, androids are still machines and require physical repairs with the proper tools and parts to recover from injury, though there are rumors of nano-repaired androids.

Androids are built using super powers at the normal level. They are not subject to mutations or psionics. Because they are built, androids should be made using the build option for attributes.


For a really odd character, you could have a survivor who is descended from a genemod. Genetic modification, also called transhumanism, was a common practice before the collapse of humanity. Some of the genemods may have been especially suited to survival, and since they were modified at the genetic level may have passed on some or all of their engineered traits to their children. If you wish to play a genemod survivor you may do so; such characters are designed using the Super Power rules in BRP (normal level of ability). Genemods may still roll to see if they have hybrid traits, as well (more below).

Genemods that require unusual or high tech maintenance may be unfeasible without a good explanation. Some genemods may be current transhumans from the Solar Collective, as well.

Uplifted Animals

Humans aren’t the only indigenous flora and fauna being modified by some Seed Pods. Animals may have been modified or uplifted as well. Such animals could also be relics from the pre-apocalyptic era of transhumanism, as well, or recent creations produced by bio engineers in the Solar Collective, too. Such characters can be designed by determining the uplifted stats of the base animal averaged with their human equivalent; they also gain access to unusual traits automatically (roll D100: 01-50 pick two mutations; 51-80 gain Normal level Super Powers; 81-00: gain psionics).

Hybrids of the New Earth

The hybrid is a variant of humanity that is becoming increasingly common: genetically tampered humans, some of whom survive childbirth, others who are changed after a happenstance encounter with a still-active Seed Pod from the Progenitor. To survivors, the hybrids are mystics and shamans who have been touched by the gods. To more learned men, the survivors appear to have been attacked at the genetic level, their DNA altered by hybrid gene-splicing nanoviruses released by the Seed Pods for an unknown purpose.

Hybrids experience mutations over time, causing them to manifest aberrant physical and mental abilities that sometimes border on the supernatural. The psionic effects of the hybrids are astounding, and as researchers are allowed access to Earth they seek to understand the mysteries of these strange mutants. It is suspected that the Seed Pods are clearly making intended experimental changes in their subject humans, but to what end remains a mystery.

Normally you do not choose to become a hybrid; instead, depending on the professional background you pick (next post) you will make a LUCK roll to see if you are a hybrid.

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