Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Starfinder Resources: sfrpgtools and more

If you're like me and have succumbed to the inexplicable but unrelenting siren call that is a complete and total love of the Starfinder Role Playing Game, you may be wondering about resources which will make life easier for you. One site I found which is of immense assistance is the golorious site, where you can:

Make new armor, weapons and equipment
Roll up planets, systems and settlements
Generate random loot
Generate random encounters
Create new Starfinder Aliens and Monsters
...and more

The most useful tools on the above list so far are the monster generator which lets you very quickly create useful monster templates with a bit of tweaking (the generator doesn't auto factor in specific abilities so some minor modification is advised), and the loot generator, without which my poor Starfinder players might never find anything good anywhere.

Next up is Rogue Exposure, with a free adventure, pregens and ships available. Not sure if there will be more on the way, but if you need a free scenario with some decent stuff and ready made characters, take a look here. There's also a ton of podcasts to listen to if you're in to that.

You probably know of this one already, but the Starfinder SRD resource is available here. It's a great utility, especially if you either don't want to get the book, are too cheap for the $10 PDF or find the PDF difficult to search. As usual everything you could need (pretty much) to run the game is right here, but it's still best to support the Paizo book and get all that glorious, pretty art.

If you're looking for adventure ideas, check out Cosmic Homebrew for 100 adventure ideas. They even link it all in to a magical Adventure Generator!

Nerds on Earth has five more detailed adventure write ups that each look pretty fun, as well.

As usual, this is stuff I've found useful but if you've found good stuff too please share!

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