Monday, June 18, 2018

Here at last: The Advanced Labyrinth Lord Kickstarter is Live (and Funded)

It's here!

I've been eager to get a combined edition of Labyrinth Lord for some time, since the OSR experience I uniquely enjoyed back in the 80's when it was New School was a mix of B/X D&D and AD&D, and Advanced Labyrinth Lord handles that quite nicely.

UPDATE I've tentatively backed this....I love that Orcus cover (#2).....but still debating. I just eliminated close to 85% of my game collection, not sure I want to start down that road again. On the plus side, the newer covers for the Advanced LL look more "sellable" to contemporary groups; I've never been a fan of covers #3 and #4....I lack the deep nostalgic love of the crappy game art from the seventies and eighties necessary to properly appreciate those two covers. Erol Otus's art style is a huge exception, as he had a unique style and quality that went beyond the usual "I want to draw fantasy but never took an antomy class and perspective is haaaaard" style of most art from the time. But seeing as Otus is not doing any of these covers, I'll opt for #2 and #1 in that order.

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