Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The E3 Trailers: Cyberpunk 2077, The Division 2, and The Last of Us 2

This is the only new game announcement from E3 that I am really genuinely excited for. It might at least partially be because there's an idea floating around that RTG and Mike Pondsmith will release an updated Cyberpunk RPG book to accompany the computer game, but even if that never happens this trailer really sells it to me:

There were only two other games to genuinely excite me at E3's releases. One was The Division 2:

In many ways The Division damaged my love of Fallout as a franchise with it's brutal "day after tomorrow" approach to quasi realistic depictions of the collapse of civilization.

Finally, I have to admit, The Last of Us 2 looks to be the third and possibly best upcoming release shown at E3:

A Naughty Dog game is a must buy for me. I have never been disappointed by any of their titles.

As for the rest.....Gone Home looks good but the newer trailers leave me wondering where the zombie hordes went.* Anthem looks cool but EA has managed to tank multiple games that should have been hits out of the park so I'll wait and see. This is one the whole family is interested in, but if they load it full of micro-transactions and loot boxes then it's a no go for me. Starfield is a minute long trailer promising something awesome, probably in 2021, and Elder Scrolls VI after it. Don't even get me started on the weird community building MP survival sim that they're turning Fallout 76 in to. But Cyberpunk 2077? Yeah, this one is going to be big.

*You don't see them in The Last of Us 2's trailer, either, but Naughty Dog has earned my total confidence that whatever they offer will be amazing. The producers of Gone Home have shown a lot of cool trailers....but the proof is in the play.

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  1. The book is happening - mike was on cyberpunk 2020 reddit about a month back looking for artists and he made a vague announcement at gen con last year that we may see something this Christmas. But the man has a career of making announcements to soon.